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Illustrious brands and organisations reveal new sustainability actions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition

Illustrious brands and organisations reveal new sustainability actions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition

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    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: Usha Yarns Limited

    Usha Yarns Limited shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: C&A

    C&A shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    Fashion stakeholders to convene in Singapore for esteemed sustainability forum

    Global Fashion Agenda has launched a new international edition of Global Fashion Summit.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: BESTSELLER

    BESTSELLER shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    Climate change is brought sharply into focus

    'Climate catastrophe’ is not an abstract concept for the future, it is upon us now.

    Innovator Spotlight: Respectful and Secure Work Environments

    GFA highlights some of the innovators that are working to establish Respectful and Secure Work Environments.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: Peak Performance

    Peak Performance shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    Policy Initiatives for Respectful and Secure Work Environments

    Policy initiatives present important opportunities to drive positive social and economic development for the people the fashion value cycle employs.

    International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2022

    On International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2022 we recognise the extensive Indigenous sciences that set the precedent for true planetary resilience.

    Plastic-Free July: Spotlighting Material Innovations

    This plastic-free July, we wanted to talk about material choices in the clothes we wear.

    Global Fashion Agenda Welcomes New Board Member

    Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) is delighted to welcome Harsh Saini to its Board of Directors. An industry veteran in sustainability, supply chains, thought leadership and innovation, Harsh has spent over two decades at global brands in various roles fro

    Reflections on Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2022

    After two years of delivering our annual Summit to people digitally, this month over 900 leaders of brands, retailers, NGOs, policy, manufacturing, and innovators descended on Copenhagen in a bid to drive urgent action at the latest edition of the Gl

    Illustrious brands and organisations reveal new sustainability actions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition

    Illustrious brands and organisations reveal new sustainability actions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition

    Cutting through the complexity: Fashion industry organisations rally together to consolidate guidance for leaders

    06 June 2022: Today, on the eve of Global Fashion Summit, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) released The GFA Monitor — a new report to guide fashion leaders towards a net positive fashion industry. The non-profit organisation fosters collaboration on susta

    Spotlight On: Polestar

    Polestar is a design-focused electric performance car brand, harnessing refined performance and cutting-edge technology. 

    Demystifying Traceability

    Fashion sustainability is awash with buzzwords these days. Even for savvy citizens well attuned to the likes of greenwashing, the space can be complex and ambiguous and hollow promises from brands remain rife.

    Relive the Media Masterclass on Transparency in the apparel & footwear industry

    "In order to be able to differentiate the noise from the truth, real regulation needs to be implemented." Baptiste Carrière-Pradal, Chair, Policy Hub

    Global Fashion Agenda is seeking a Chief Impact Officer

    GFA is seeking a dynamic and experienced Chief Impact Officer with experience from the international fashion industry and deep knowledge of sustainability in fashion, to lead the organisation’s thought leadership and content work.

    Earth Day 2022: Small Steps to Make a Difference

    Ahead of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight some small steps that you can take to be a little bit kinder to the planet. 

    Earth Day 2022: An Ode to Climate Allies

    Since the first Earth Day in 1970, a sense of urgency and determination has increased more and more each year.

    IPCC Report Outlines the Narrow Window for Change

    With the IPCC Reports taking approximately seven years and thousands of scientists to compile, this may be the final warning before we find ourselves on a direct and decisive route to irreversible and catastrophic climate collapse. 

    Scaling Circularity: A Policy Perspective

    ‘Circular fashion’ was coined in 2014 and has since become commonplace in fashion’s sustainability lexicon.

    World Water Day 2022: Fashion’s Water Consumption and Pollution

    World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, celebrates water and raises awareness of the two billion people living without access to safe water.

    The Relationship Between The Rainforest and The Runway

    Today marks International Day of Forests 2022, a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. This year the day will be observed under the theme of ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption’. 

    Global Fashion Agenda and UN Climate Change Secretariat Join Forces to Accelerate Fashion’s Climate Action

    Global Fashion Agenda has forged a new alliance with UN Climate Change secretariat (UNFCCC) to accelerate the fashion industry’s climate action.

    Latest IPCC Report Reiterates the Importance of Intersectionality

    February saw the release of the latest IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, focusing on: ‘Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability’.

    Our Partners’ Responses to the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

    The humanitarian impact of war is devastating, and the ecological impact of war could affect people for decades to come.

    International Women’s Day 2022: The Women of CFS+

    Both climate change and fashion are feminist issues - there is a patent intersection between women, the climate crisis and the clothes we wear. 

    Innovations for Responsible Design

    The fashion industry is operating at the expense of our planet and the communities that occupy it - with many companies prioritising profitability and convenience over quality and ethics.

    Redesigning the Runway: How Copenhagen Has Become a Sustainability Frontrunner

    Copenhagen is home to some of the most inspired and coveted brands of the moment.

    Leaders will forge alliances for a new era to tackle fashion’s social and environmental issues

    Global Fashion Summit, the leading international forum for sustainability in fashion, will convene core stakeholders across fashion, parallel industries, investment, policy and NGOs to forge alliances for a new era.

    Global Fashion Agenda collaborates with The Earthshot Prize as an official Nominator

    We are delighted to announce that Global Fashion Agenda has been selected as an official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize 2022. 

    SLCP X SAC on safe and secure work environments

    COVID-19 continues to expose existing structural inequalities within fashion’s value chain, with workers disproportionately impacted.

    Ratings vs Rhetoric

    Effective Sustainability communication is a tool that can advance progress in the fashion industry, but how can we best harness fashions communicative power to drive towards impactful transformation?

    Sustainable Fashion Communication

    Fashion has always dictated trends with a certain ease – no other medium has quite as much power and potential to make ‘sustainability’, in all its nuance, desirable.

    Warm Wishes For 2022

    As we ease into 2022, I wanted to reconnect with you all and send you my best wishes for a wonderful New Year and share some reflections from Global Fashion Agenda.

    Spotlight On: Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge 2021

    Tommy Hilfiger has revealed the six finalists for this year’s edition of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge. 

    The Shift to Fur-Free Fashion

    What was once synonymous with luxury fashion, the industry is increasingly moving away from fur, as it reckons with both the ethical and environmental implications of the material. 

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Nin Castle

    "Waste is only waste if it goes to waste.” Often (and easily) said words, but Nin Castle, Co-Founder, Lead of Recycling and Chief Project Officer at Reverse Resources, is translating these words into action. Ever since she was a student of Fashion De

    Spotlight On: H&M Group Launches “Circulator”

    By 2025, Global Fashion Agenda’s Strategic Partner, H&M Group, aims for 100% of its brands’ products to be designed for circularity – from the drawing board all the way through the multiple loops of a circular ecosystem. 

    Innovations to Guide Sustainable Citizens

    Fashion has the power to be a leading force in tackling the climate crisis, that is, if we address the role it plays in perpetuating current patterns of consumption and production.

    Conscious Consumption – A Citizen’s Guide

    Black Friday is unashamedly a day centred around the mass production and consumption that is so problematic today.

    Consumption – Where do responsibilities lie?

    Talk of sustainable fashion is not reserved for brand executives and leaders, but rather, the industry is faced with a generation of citizens with all-encompassing sustainability agendas well-established in their arsenals.

    Fashion can become 80% circular through pre-competitive collaboration to scale textile recycling

    New research demonstrates the potential for pre-competitive collaboration to scale textile recycling technologies

    7 Key Takeaways for Fashion from COP26

    Over the last two weeks thousands of people including world leaders, negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens convened in Glasgow for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).


    GFG, the leading online fashion and lifestyle destination in emerging markets and GFA, the leading non-profit for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion, have today announced a strategic partnership.

    Managing Expectations While Meeting Ethical Demands

    Sustainability is often seen as the quest for a viable future, but this definition fails to account for who this viable future will accommodate.

    Illustrious leaders convene at the digital Copenhagen Fashion Summit, CFS+, to drive sustainable impact in the fashion industry 

    “Redesigning the concept of growth is one of the biggest systemic issues of our time.” - Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark

    CFS+ 2021: Designer Challenge

    When it comes to creating sustainable fashion products, one of the biggest challenges today is: how do we disrupt profitable fossil-fuel reliant old ways of production, to find new sustainable net-zero methods that benefit people and planet? 

    Ralph Lauren Joins Global Fashion Agenda’s Strategic Partner Group, Supporting its Mission to Prioritise Sustainability in Fashion

    28 September 2021: Global Fashion Agenda, the leading non-profit for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion, announced today that Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE:RL),  the global, iconic leader in premium lifestyle products, will join its

    Spotlight On: Digital is closing the loop in fashion’s sustainability drive

    The circular fashion economy is sparking into life, and it’s wonderful to see CFS+ driving momentum with its informative and ambitious programme of speakers this October.

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Lynne Walker

    As Director of Primark Cares, Lynne Walker is responsible for transforming Primark Cares from a label to a value, leading a dedicated team and working closely with multiple others across the business to accelerate Primark’s decade-long sustainability

    Spotlight On: Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies’ Launch of Sustainable 360™

    The manufacturer has expanded its sustainable offering in response to rapid growth of sustainable business

    Solution Spotlight: Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fiber- A sustainable choice for sweaters and knitwear

    Eastman, maker of sustainably sourced Naia™ cellulosic fiber, recently launched its Naia™ fiber in the sweaters/knitwear category. Naia™ fiber is a sustainable choice for sweaters and knitwear, giving designers more choices and versatility to create.

    Solution Spotlight: Lenzing and Södra take a giant leap further towards closing the loop from fiber to fiber in fashion

    Lenzing, a leading global supplier of wood-based specialty fibers, and Södra, a world-class producer of pulp, signed a cooperation agreement with the clear objective of making a decisive contribution to addressing the enormous textile waste challenge

    Solution Spotlight: YKK launches digitally connected zippers in collaboration with Houdini and EON Product Cloud

    Changing the current practices of manufacturing and consumption is one of the ways in which society can thrive in a sustainable way. In the apparel industry, this vision is manifested in “circular fashion,” which we see more often every day.

    Solutions Spotlight: Immaterial reality for business strategy

    The decisions and actions we take have the power to outstandingly recalibrate our world for the better. What could be more exciting than that? We at Sense - immaterial Reality dare you to be forward-thinking!

    Solution Spotlight: Circular fashion and textile technology group Infinited Fiber Company further their mission to make textile circularity an everyday reality

    In the past few months Infinited Fiber have announced significant collaborations with several big name brands as they ramp up the preparations for their planned flagship factory. Infinited Fiber Company’s technology turns cellulose-based raw material

    Solution Spotlight: Recover™ aims to solve this need with the accelerated adoption and scaling of its recycled cotton.

    Sustainability has taken center stage in the fashion and textiles industry in recent years, as the industry´s toll on the environment becomes more and more evident. With the fashion industry contributing to global water pollution, a growing scarcity

    Solution Spotlight: The latest generation dyeing plant breaks down the consumptions of water, energy and steam

    The methodology of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out on the dyeing plant has quantified the energy savings and the reduction on the environmental impact

    Solution Spotlight: Kno Global extends factory worker community to India amidst COVID-19

    Amidst COVID-19 online social community has been a need for all of us. Especially for the people working in factories making our products. It’s traditionally been hard to measure and quantify the social impact of business activities, however Kno Glob

    Solution Spotlight: Haelixa, the DNA traceability solution, announces the collaboration with UPW

    Haelixa, the DNA traceability solution, announces the collaboration with UPW, the design led luxury and sustainable yarn manufacturer based in Hong Kong. Starting with the Fall-Winter 2022 collection, the entire stock service UPW yarn collection will

    Solution Spotlight: Birla Cellulose: Circular fibers and sustainable fashion

    The current system for producing, distributing and using clothing operates almost in a linear way. It generates about 92 million tons of waste every year, out of which only 1% is estimated to be recycled, most of it is going to landfill and incinerat

    Solution Spotlight: Crystal International Steps Up Circularity with Second Life Denim Collection

    Crystal International Group Limited (“Crystal International”) takes circularity to a new height by launching eco denim collection – Second Life, online. The collection adopts recycled denim fabrics and sustainable materials to minimise wastage and ke

    Solution Spotlight: Chargeurs*PCC Launches Digital Asset Studio in CLO-SET Connect to Innovate the 3D Digital Design Process

    Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies, the world’s largest apparel interlinings manufacturer, and CLO Virtual Fashion, the world leader in 3D garment simulation technology, announce that Chargeurs’ digital assets are now available in the CLO-SET Connect

    Solution Spotlight: Avery Dennison Announces Partnership with Browzwear to Accelerate Market-First 3D Solutions for Apparel Industry

    Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovation and materials science, branding, and manufacturing, has announced its partnership with Browzwear, a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, to launch enhancements for its 3D design softw


    Today fashion is primarily produced in a linear system, of “take, make, dispose”, with 73% of the world’s clothing eventually ending up in landfills.1 While some brands have initiated the process of redesigning their product lifecycles, complexities


    The material mix is one of the biggest drivers of a fashion brand’s environmental footprint and comes with implications for climate change, waste and biodiversity. Across segments, it can determine up to two thirds of a brand


    Today, we see consumer industries continue to exploit Earth’s natural resources threatening biodiversity, while planetary resources, such as water and land, are limited. Optimising resource efficiency and minimising the use of natural resources are c


    The fashion value chain employs around 65 million people, the majority being female, many of whom are exposed to occupational hazards, ranging from exposure to dangerous work conditions to discrimination.1 Today, gender-based violence remains a leadi


    Promoting the industry-wide implementation of wages and working conditions that meet the basic needs of workers presents an opportunity for fashion brands to enhance the prosperity of the economies and people that interact with the value chain.1  

    Hope and determination in the face of the IPCC Report

    A stark warning came last week as the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest climate change report.

    Forecasting Fashion Week: The Future of the Runway

    Today ‘sustainable’ practices are being adopted at every level of the fashion industry’s value chain, but what actions are being taken to improve practices related to fashion shows?

    World Environment Day 2021: Regenerative Agriculture and Fashion

    Continued unsustainable practices and the destruction of our planet’s ecosystems not only present a great threat towards biodiversity but also to the future survival of our planet’s natural carbon sinks.

    Fashion industry will gather in landmark digital event to discuss the bold topic of ‘Prosperity vs. Growth’

    Global Fashion Agenda, the foremost leadership forum for sustainability in fashion, has today revealed the theme for this year’s digital edition of the industry-renowned Copenhagen Fashion Summit – CFS+. Under the premise ‘Prosperity vs. Growth’, CFS

    Fashion leaders author new report highlighting the priorities for a prosperous and sustainable industry

    12 May 2021: Today, Global Fashion Agenda, the foremost leadership forum for sustainability in fashion, has unveiled the new edition of the Fashion CEO Agenda.

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Mostafiz Uddin

    For Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Sustainable Materials & Innovation Manager at BESTSELLER, it’s all about being holistic.

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen

    For Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Sustainable Materials & Innovation Manager at BESTSELLER, it’s all about being holistic.

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