Fashion leaders author new report highlighting the priorities for a prosperous and sustainable industry

By Constance Beswick

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What’s on the agenda?

This year’s Fashion CEO Agenda shines light on social and environmental implications and intersections. It puts forward a vision statement for the fashion industry, striving for, ‘a thriving industry that creates prosperity for people and communities by working within planetary boundaries, reversing its impact on climate change and protecting biodiversity.’

To achieve this, the agenda outlines the five priorities that industry leaders must focus on, providing insights on the current status, urgency and potential solutions for each of the following:

– Respectful and secure work environments

– Better wage systems

– Circular systems

– Efficient use of resources

– Smart Material Choices

The range of priorities ensures a balanced approach with two covering social considerations (respectful and secure work environments and better wage systems), two addressing environmental concerns (efficient use of resources and smart material choices), and one that combines both aspects (circular systems).

Alongside these priorities the report also considers the internal and external enablers that are needed to support businesses working towards ambitious sustainability strategies.

In comparison to previous editions of the agenda, this will be a lasting framework and future Fashion CEO Agenda reports will present an analysis of industry progress based on the 2021 framework.

Visit the Fashion CEO Agenda microsite to learn more and download the full report.

Morten Lehmann, Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Fashion Agenda, says: “The Fashion CEO Agenda is designed to inform and guide fashion industry leaders to make the right decisions to enable people and the environment to prosper. Though implementing changes may seem like an uphill battle, we will face grave consequences if we do not act. Leaders have the power and the knowledge to take bold steps now that will determine our future and the lives of future generations.”

Convening leaders from fashion, finance and NGOs in new digital forum

To mark the launch, Global Fashion Agenda is hosting a free digital event today at 15.00-17.30 (CEST). The event will showcase the agenda, propose definitions of prosperity from different perspectives and discuss the urgent action needed to achieve it.

Participants include senior executives from a diverse range of companies and organisations including: Allbirds, ASN Bank, ASOS, Bitopi Group, Full Cycle, Fung Group, Ganni, H&M, McKinsey & Co, Outland Denim, Platform Living Wage Financials, Sustainalytics, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Tal Apparel, Target, Zalando and many more.

View the full programme and register for the event here.

Policy Gaps & Opportunities

Following the launch event, on 19 May 13.00-17.15 (CEST) Global Fashion Agenda will take a closer look at the agenda and how it relates to policy, during an online event co-hosted by the Policy Hub – Circularity for Apparel and Footwear. The event’s live presentations and discussions will be centred around the five priorities presented in the Fashion CEO Agenda and how policy can potentially support the further activation of each priority.

View the full programme and register for the Policy Gaps & Opportunities Event here.

Thoughts from fashion leaders:

Patrik Silén, Chief Strategy Officer, ASOS, says: “We know that no individual company or brand can transform a whole industry, which is why organisations like Global Fashion Agenda and tools like the Fashion CEO Agenda are so important. By focussing our collective efforts around a common framework and structure, the Fashion CEO Agenda can help us achieve more effective results and ensure that the industry takes greater shared action to secure a sustainable, prosperous future.”

Dorte Rye Olesen, Head of Sustainability,BESTSELLER, says: “The value of joint efforts is immeasurable and the road to bettering our industry’s footprint can only be taken together. As a strategic partner, BESTSELLER supports the GFA and the Fashion CEO Agenda in our collaborative work towards a more holistic, sustainable and prosperous future for all.”

Patrick Ho, Group Managing Director, Fung Group, says: “Redesigning growth as we come out of the toughest time in our history requires us to work together for a resilient recovery. We need to maximize our resources and leverage innovation and technology to effectively create solutions that will help future-proof our industry and continue to protect the livelihoods of millions along the global supply chain. The Fashion CEO Agenda provides a blueprint for shared prosperity in a sustainable world.”

Helena Helmersson, CEO, H&M Group, says: “To me, it is about empowering people to express themselves, make diverse voices heard and of course also to support livelihood and well-being. I am convinced that the key to our success is to help the people and communities around us to grow and be empowered. Only this way we can grow in a way that is truly meaningful and create prosperity far beyond our company.”

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer, Kering, says: “Fashion and biodiversity are interlinked, and through ambitious commitments to reduce our collective impacts on nature and shifting to more circular systems, while at the same time protecting and restoring biodiversity, we can reverse the trajectory we are on. Joint agendas like the Global Fashion Agenda, and its Fashion CEO Agenda, can help our industry set goals and reach consensus, which will also help power innovation and the solutions we need to create lasting change”

Noel Kinder, Chief Sustainability Officer, NIKE, Inc., says: “Every company has a footprint. Our goal is, and always will be, that Nike’s footprint helps to shape a better world. In a value chain that is global and highly complex, we are focused on systems change and relentless collaboration across our industry and beyond. Together with Global Fashion Agenda and its members, we’re determined to do our part to advance our collective efforts for the planet – to do better, scale better and be better.”

Amina Razvi, Executive Director, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, says: ““The Fashion CEO Agenda helps set key priorities for the industry to work together in unison, ultimately aligning our efforts so we can achieve our common goals. That strategic framework is necessary to unite the industry in addressing systemic issues that will lead to true industry transformation.”

Bill Foudy, SVP & President, Owned Brand Sourcing and Development, Target, says: “At Target, caring for both people and the planet guides decisions across our business. And to make a meaningful impact, we know that collaboration is key to reducing our footprint and developing more sustainable products and operations. We are proud to support the Fashion CEO Agenda alongside other strategic partners of the Global Fashion Agenda to help us all achieve the greatest outcome for today and forfuture generations.”

Explore the Fashion CEO Agenda microsite to learn more and download the full report.

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