Eastman Naia™ is made with sustainably sourced wood, where cellulosic fibre brings the richness of nature to comfortable and effortlessly luxurious fabrics


Our filament yarn transforms into luxurious, soft, and easy-to-care-for fabrics, while our staple fibre creates eco-conscious blends that are supremely soft, quick-drying and consistently reduce pilling, giving designers more freedom and choice. Naia™ is a fully traceable, bio-based fibre, responsibly sourced from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests and plantations and produced in a closed-loop process in the USA. As a result, Naia™ brings nature to fashion with sustainably managed resources; high safety, social, and environmental standards; and a low environmental impact.
Naia™ Renew cellulosic yarn makes sustainable style possible for everyone. Sourced from 60% certified wood fibres and 40% recycled waste plastics, Naia™ Renew can be used to create luxurious, silky fabrics with rich lustre and wonderful drape or soft, cocooning fabric for everyday comfort. Naia™ Renew recycled content is achieved by allocation of recycled plastics through mass balance accounting.


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